Your trusted local Cooperative now brings you a water heater that's not only built to look great but also built to last.

Available in 50, 85, and 105-gallon sizes.

Longevity No Anode Rod Trusted Cooperative
Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing your water heater every five years. This water heater is engineered for a long lasting performance, offering you peace of mind with its long-term reliability and backed by a lifetime warranty. Unlike traditional water heaters, the Marathon doesn't require an anode rod. This means there's nothing inside the heater to corrode over time, contributing to its long lifespan. Choosing your local cooperative means more than just a quality product. It means direct access to our dedicated staff, who guide you through the process. Say goodbye to big-box stores and embrace convenience and personal care for our valued members and communities.

This service is available to both our valued members and non-members. Members enjoy an exclusive special rate. Contact us today to receive a personalized quote. 800-748-1488

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